Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ginger Rogers IS...

Like it or not.
However, since it's her birthday, we'll give the old girl a free pass.
July 16, 1911 - April 25, 1995


  1. seems ol' ging was just about anything they could throw at her! i'll never forget the old girl the night astaire died & they had her on TV. still sporting her trademark tresses of gold with enough make-up to paint a town, she looked awful, in that fabulous way.

  2. As only Ging could! Hard to imagine her as Coco, I mean even with the wonderful Kate hepburn playing the role in NY, it was a failure.

  3. That middle headshot reminds me of 60s & 70s TV staple Barbara "Ironside" Anderson. Considering her age at the time (and the lighting!), she took a good headshot anyway.

  4. Normadesmond - She looked like a melting ice cream cone in her twilight years.

    DavidToms - Waaaaay too brassy to play Madame. But I would've loved watching her try; I'll bet it was a scream. With an audience of screamers, if you know what I mean.

    Poseidon3 - Courtesy of John Engstead, I believe; the go-to man for gauzy glamour shots for gals of a certain age.