Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stars! They're Just Like US!

Frankly, we imagine our readers walking multi-colored poodles while wearing hat, gloves, crinolines and silver pumps, rather than taking part in domestic chores; but if you do find yourselves in the kitchen, we're sure you color-coordinate your outfits to your cabinetry.


  1. So did she wallpaper her countertop or what? lol That kitchen is garish and minimal all at once.

  2. Know how you can add a little more glamour to your day? Just roll your r's as you speak, when you're talking to the grocery checker or gas station attendant.

  3. oh i LOVE that stove! can't tell if it's the fridgedaire or hotpoint model from this angle. and the built-in radio/intercom system....gotta love it!

  4. How bizarre!

    I must have seen this picture elsewhere and do you know I had a dream about those technicolored poodles last night?
    Not pretty.

  5. Is that Mac Tac all over the walls and countertop?

    And is that plastic fruit?

    Anyway, I'd use that intercom to page the houseboys.