Friday, July 24, 2009

Tab Gets Around

Tab has the weenie, but Roddy takes the cake.

Tab and Tony with their favorite Bearded lady, Venetia Stevenson (courtesy of HOLE IN THE HEAD)

"Dammit, Nat, at least Tony puts some spunk into it!"

Tab and Rudy: who was the bigger star?

Tab and Divine: chemistry so intense you could smell it.


  1. love this series, my goodness the picture of Tab and Noureyev is a rare find, I love the fact that their dicks are pointing at each other, do you know Richard Avedon's naked portrait of Rudi ? he's the inspiration for that seminal film called: "like a Horse" !

    FYI: I've posted it under my label "Dance" or should I say Queen Kong ...

  2. Exactly.... There are TWO pictures in this set that feature weiners prominently. LOL

  3. i adore rudi's bathing suit with that zipper! it has it's own built-in cock ring!

  4. In that first pic, there appears to be a little curvature in Tab's weenie.

    Did Tab suffer from Peyronies Disease?

  5. What a great pic series!
    One of the few blond bombshells from his time to get a second act.

  6. In Tab Hunter's autobiography there's a pic of him recreating the pic above (spanking on the lap) with Natalie's daughter when he made a film with her about horses, he wrote the movie. He also wrote "Lust In The Dust."