Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mother, Superior

Our latest Mystery Guest was Peggy Wood, who managed to stump all of you. This charming, dignified lady is, of course, best remembered for her role as the Reverend Mother in The Sound of Music (1965); but Peggy Wood's greatest triumphs were on the Broadway and London stage. She actually made her most memorable appearances in such operettas and musicals as Maytime and Noel Coward's Bitter Sweet, introducing classic songs like Coward's "I'll See You Again." She was less well-served by Hollywood, appearing in supporting roles in a handful of mostly minor films; Ms. Wood found greater acceptance in television, playing the Norwegian matriarch of Mama from 1949 to 1957. Ironically, by the time she reached her largest audience in The Sound of Music, the former musical stage star had to be dubbed because of the limitations age had placed on her voice.

ayem8y didn't really come close, and admits to being terrible at these guessing games; but since his lovely arse is up for bids, we're not above a little bribery and will name him the winner in hopes of some kind of trade off.


  1. Regarding your bid on Mean Dirty Pirate ...

    You'll have to do better than a couple of bow ties and pocket hanks.

    He can be had but not THAT cheaply!

  2. Nice to know she was pretty in her younger days. Didn't Marnie Nixon dub her in SOM? That would be ironic.

  3. "He can be had but not THAT cheaply!"

    Darling Mistress MJ, one of my bow ties equals (approximately) three rounds of drinks, two if the gentleman is treating to premium liquor. Lord knows I've been had for less...

    marksparky - Peggy was dubbed by one Margery McKay. In her youth, I thought she resembled a warmer, less studied Duchess of Windsor.

  4. TJB - I’m touched and gladly accept your bowtie offer. Lets meet up for cocktails, the drinks are on me...now where is this bar that swaps drinks for neckwear?

    *Fastens bowtie around penis and heads out the door*

  5. It's at 21 Gay, corner Shack Road and Street of Ho's.


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