Friday, July 17, 2009

A Pearl of a Girl

Pictured above, our Mistress MJ, casting her pearls before swine - and we keep coming back for more. Have you visited Infomaniac lately? While we try to keep things high-minded here at SSUWAT, we couldn't help but contribute to the Mistress' Filthy Friday series. We are mere pawns to do her bidding, to placate whatever whims and desires she may conceive - except when it comes to showing her pictures of our own private bits. Bow ties, yes. Buttocks, no.


  1. Would this change your mind?

    *dangles expensive pearl necklace before pawn, er, TJB*

    *extinguishes cigarette on the next commenter’s buttocks*

  2. I will say it again, that is a great pearl neclace she is wearing


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