Tuesday, July 14, 2009



  1. At 18 I was chased around the upstairs of a very swanky row house on Capitol Hill, at a very swanky A-Gay party, by a very drunk and staggering Lenny with his fly open. I was too young to know that one habitually offers oneself to genius. (Alas, this wisdom finally came when youth went.)

    So my reaction at the time--
    I ran using little tiny Bette Midler steps while squeaking and admonishing, "Mr. Bernstein!!"

    Ah, the follies of youth.

  2. felix, at least you were chased.

  3. Goodness! The comments here alone could fuel a Hollywood Babylon Part 30!

  4. Did you see the genius' penis?

  5. TJB-
    No, I was to busy running for the life of my chastity. Oh, OK, I was running for another drink!

  6. when LB was a lad, he used to summer in the town i grew up in & give piano lessons to the locals. this was before i was born. AND....do you know that his family had been in the beauty supply business? yup, bernstein beauty supply, brookline, mass. i imagine it's gone now.

    sorry, this comment was SO NOT titillating....no babylon here.