Thursday, July 23, 2009


She was a good woman.


  1. ...and a bad, bad actress. With a fabulous name.

    WV: execers. It took a lotta execers for Mrs. Herbert Yates to keep that skater's figure...

  2. You mean she was never evr bad?

  3. Fabulous name. Brave stand against Adolph Hitler. But she was was not the greatest actress. If you haven't seen Jubilee Trail (one of my favorite movies that so bad you just have to keep watching) go get it and enjoy it!

  4. When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.
    -- Mae West

  5. Muscato - But you gotta love that Mr. Yates kept right on trying!

    David Toms - Oh, thesp-wise, she was always bad...I mean, she made Maria Montez look like Dame Judith Anderson.

    askthecoolcookie - Is it on DVD? You've mentioned it before, and I really must see it!

    MJ - And after a few shots, you're damn near extraordinary!

  6. I think Jubilee Trail is only on VHS.

    The back story on the film is fascinating. It was the biggest book of the year, and Yates went deep into debt to buy the rights just so his wife could play the role of the good woman turned into the bad girl who had a mysterious past. I *think* he ultimatly lost Republic over the whole deal when the investors got spooked over the final product.

    But the film is pure camp.

  7. and wasn't there a vera ralston as well?