Friday, July 24, 2009

Ten Cents a Dance

Ten cents a dance
that's what they pay me,
gosh, how they weigh me down!
Ten cents a dance
pansies and rough guys
tough guys who tear my gown!
Seven to midnight I hear drums.
Loudly the saxophone blows.
Trumpets are tearing my eardrums.
Customers crush my toes.
Sometime I think
I've found my hero,
but it's a queer romance.
All that you need is a ticket
Come on, big boy, ten cents a dance.

Lyrics by Lorenz Hart


  1. 10 cents a dance indeed.
    But what goes on in the Back Room is gonna cost ya.

  2. She looks as if she is dreading what comes next and at 10 cents a dance she knows it isnt worth it

  3. he just whispered in her ear, "All I have is check."

  4. A pansy once ripped my gown thinking he could fit his huge ass INTO it!

    I told him, "You're no size 6, girl!"

  5. Diners Club? Who takes Diners Club?


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