Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Stock

Don't you wish it still existed?


  1. I do. I remember as a kid the excitement when my mother came back from some performance starring Ann B. Davis!
    SO close to greatness!

  2. bloomer girl...my oh my. might tab have been a better headliner for this?

    and sorry arlene, but you in night music? oy vey.

  3. But I'm sure Robert Reed made a divine Suzie Wong!

  4. I'm still scratching my head about Eileen Fulton in The Star Spangled Girl! Sandy Duncan, Connie Stevens, Eileen Fulton?! Then again, she could be rather bubbly and ditsy at times on ATWT.

    Oh, and Arlene's head shot cracked me up!

  5. Maybe the printers mixed up Tab and Eileen's show?

    Arlene also did a production of Applause as Margo Channing; I can sorta see it, although she probably shaved several years off of Miss Channing's age...