Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where the Hot Wind Blows

We've never seen This Property is Condemned (1966), but from what we can tell, it has all the elements of something we'd thoroughly enjoy: Natalie Wood doing her patented, charming, self-consciously "Movie Star"-style Big Acting as a Southern fried floozy with a heart of gold; a delectably young and ripe Robert Redford; a lulu of a Tennessee Williams plot (with a monstrous mother, of course); and lots of hot, heavy, humid Hollywoodized Southern atmosphere.

We are familiar with the song "Wish Me a Rainbow," which was covered by Astrud Gilberto, of all people. We assume that it's quite different from the version sung by Mary Badham in the film.

Little Mary had became famous as "Scout" in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), so she clearly had a corner on the hillbilly tomboy market, making her a natural to play the urchin-like li'l sister to Natalie's railroad town tramp.

As soon as this recession is over, and we can once again afford such luxuries as Deliciously Bad Movies On DVD, we plan on making this a double feature with Nat and Robert Redford's other overblown mid-Sixties opus, Inside Daisy Clover.

That one has Robert playing a closet queen; Natalie mugging her way through faux-1930's musical numbers; one of our all-time favorite Dory Previn anthems ("You're Gonna Hear From Me"); and a supporting cast which includes Roddy McDowall and Ruth Gordon! We can hardly wait.


  1. I'll bring the wine!

    But until the recession is over, both movies are available thru Netflix...

    "Inside Daisy Clover" is worth reading but Lambert's 'Running Time" is much more interesting!

  2. a Southern fried floozy with a heart of gold

    You could be referring to Jason here!

  3. Inside Daisy Clover is a movie where I find myself constantly reminding myself "suspend disbelief" when I see the 1960s costumes in a 1930s movie. Yuck!

  4. God! I know just how Natalie feels as there are some days when I feel condemned!

  5. I actually like Natalie more often than not, but rarely have I laughed so hard where you aren't supposed to as when she had her big breakdown scene in Inside Daisy Clover. To me, she was so wrong for this role anyway.... As for the other flick, I have that on DVD and it's all right. Not as campy as one would hope, nor as good.

  6. Oh dear, I think I've tried to finish watching Inside Daisy Clover about 5 times....still hoping one day it'll take.