Sunday, September 27, 2009

And We Are Telling You...

...we're not going. (No, no, no, no way.)

We're not so delusional to think that SSUWAT changes anyone's life, heals the sick, or resolves global issues; but we have been gratified to hear from people who truly do enjoy what we have to offer: frivolity, fun, glamour, and the occasional vintage penis. We have also been going through our own archives, and came to the immodest realization that when we're good, we're pretty damn good! In other words, we're the blog that we would love to stumble across, which is exactly what we set out to achieve from the start.

Having said that, we admit that there have been recent moments when we've considered throwing in the towel (cheap Chinese embroidery - Peggy gave us these). Life, as you all surely know, has a way of intruding on fabulosity. But we're not waking up tomorrow morning (ha ha!) and finding that there's no comments there! We're going to soldier on and continue to showcase obscure starlets, retro musclemen, aging divas, and fabulous fashion - but not necessarily at the same pace as we've been doing for the last year and a half.

As some of our darling friends and followers pointed out to us privately, we've been posting new entries, five or more at a clip, nearly every day since this blog's inception. When inspiration hits us, we get so excited, we want to share it immediately with all of you, so we will try to continue daily updates. This is a long-winded way of saying, however, that we may not, depending on outside circumstances. Posts may diminish to every other day; sometimes, a few times a week; but the bottom line is that we're sticking around because we truly do enjoy doing this. And we want to continue to do something that gives us (and, hopefully, you) pleasure.

We rarely get soppy and sentimental here, but thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to follow this silly, frivolous little site. That you guys actually get what we're talking about, enjoy the people and things that we hold in esteem, and appreciate our putting them out there in the "blogosphere" surprises, delights and humbles us. So continue to watch this space, darlings: we may not be here as often as before, but push, strike or kill, we're not gonna leave ya - there's no way we will. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...


  1. It's time you cut yourself a break. I've been a professional blogger for years now, and there's just no keeping up with your posting rate without burnout. I'm not sure if blogspot lets you put time stamps on your work so you can dose them out accordingly. You are a huge inspiration and I'd hate to lose you especially now that Fabulon is paused in its orbit.

  2. yes, do whatever you have to do....go to a spa, meditate, shoot heroin, but you mustn't go away. if you dare, i'll fetch 1982 jennifer to find you & sit on you, anchoring you to the keyboard.

  3. By all means reduce the frequency but please don't stop. Your posts are both a delight and an inspiration.

  4. Let’s talk about your pace for a moment, shall we?

    Your excellent style column, Weekly Feature #7… “G is for Grooming” hadn’t been up half a day when suddenly you’d posted another couple of new posts!

    Your weekly feature, in my opinion, should stay at the top of the page for a couple of days before something else replaces it. Why? Because it’s chock full of top notch advice and deserves special attention.

    True, some of us have short attention spans, but a column this good should be carefully studied as we make notes in the margins and apply your wisdom to our own lives.

    Why not consider your blog posts as you would consider accessories? In other words, less is more.

    I absolutely love everything you do but I don’t want you to burn out.

    So why not prepare drafts each time you have a fabulous idea? Just store your planned posts in a drafts file and on a day when you’re feeling indisposed, simply press the “publish” button on one of your drafts. Bingo! You’ve posted something new that didn’t take any effort on one of your down days and yet you’ve brought us something new and fresh.

    I do this myself…I have a few “backup” posts in my drafts folder. If I’m too tired to blog, I simply find one of my drafts and press “publish”.

    We're not so delusional to think that SSUWAT changes anyone's life

    Don’t be so sure. On days when I look in the mirror as I’m rushing out the door and I ask myself, “What would TJB do?”, I then pause to give myself a good look-over, make the necessary adjustments, and get loads of compliments as a result.

    I’m here to TESTIFY, sistah!

    we're the blog that we would love to stumble across

    Finding you (through our adored Thombeau) was a moment of sheer joy and continues to be a pleasure with every post.

    You truly are a delight in every bite.

  5. Oh, and more vintage penis please.

    Thanking you in advance.

  6. Oui, soignes toi, mon cher!

    I can live without your dailies (though I'll sniffle a bit, nay, sob) but we love you and don't want you to go away.

    I can't finish the day without a bit of Stirred, Straight Up--so much classier then porno!

    But I agree that the vintage penis ain't bad! bises, Fred 'n Ethel

  7. Girl you know I have loved you from the very beginning. Please don’t stop. I have contemplated blog suicide on several occasions but what would the three or four of my readers do without my inane insights into nothing?

    I think you need a cabaret fix and maybe a new hat and some shoes and you’ll be right as rain.

    Love you

  8. mwah!

    And to reiterate what MJ said so eloquently, any penis is good peen, vintage or nouveau!

  9. First Fabulon, now SSUWAT is experiencing "blog burn-out"? Oh, dear - where am I going to go for a daily fix of magnificent hats, obscure 60s French pop, luxurious fabrics, shoes and buff boy celebs now..?

  10. *hug*

    what's so wrong with frivolity ? this site is pure délice every morning before work :)

  11. First of all, you know that I look up to you. But frankly, I don't know how you do it! I'm having a heck of a hard time just trying to get through an entry a day, let alone five or six (I wish I could keep up with, but honey, we aren't as young as I used to be!).

    Secondly, I think that people are afraid of losing the blogs that mean so much to us - its like losing a friend. So if you post less often, but stay around, then thats a blessing I'm willing to count.

    Many of us have blogs ourselves, but how many of us visit those blogs and comment on the posts? Those comments are part of the fuel that help to energize the creative process, and its a reminder that we aren't playing to an empty room an Imperial 400 motel in some out of the way place. And I have to wonder who amongst us periodically goes out and finds something new, different and dare I say it -- discover something kicky on another blog and then not share it? Guilty as charged.

    So Todd, hang in their and give what and when you can. I'll be there doing what I can for you (and everyone else) as I can.



  12. I would miss you terribly if you stoppped blogging. I agree with MJ...she said it all well. You are not playing to an empty cabaret...we love SSUWAT!

  13. Of course, I echo what everyone else has said! Sometimes we forget that life also includes getting out there and living or taking a breather from the electronica of the world. Still, we want you here when we're in the mood for your delicious and expert take on things. Do what you can and we'll be here to accept it!

  14. You are fabulous!
    Your blog is fabulous!
    I vow to remind you every time I visit from now on.
    Cucumber slices on your eyes, a warm soothing cup of Vicodin tea and some rest will perk you right up.
    I would miss you terribly if you left for good...

  15. Well darling man, you already know how I feel about you and this glorious and sacred place you've created. But it's high time that I sing the praises of the wonderful community of followers that have surrounded you. They have become an indispensible part of the SSUWAT experience for me.

    While I don't doubt that Thombeau is The Great Originator, (and darn it, I miss Fabulonian excursions already) some of us have come to this magic circle via you. Oh sure, it starts with a witty retort or a veiled innuendo, but over time I've come to know and deeply care about you and them.

    I've said it before and am happy to say it again, my life has changed through this association. It's richer and sparkles a good deal more.

  16. I love you guys and gals...seriously. Thank you.

  17. Thank YOU TJB! I recently "stumbled across" your blog and for the past two months I've been gorging myself on all things glam, girly, and fabulously gay; your blog is this burlesque performer/belly dancer's (attention whore?)wet dream! Thanks to you, I have FAB pics to practice FIERCE poses for my first LA photo shoot this Sunday (I hadn't heard of Fay Wray before your blog, but the pic of her in the black hat giving someone the look of DEATH is my shit!), as well as costuming ideas for my first show coming up at the Vanguard! Thank you, gracias, merci beaucoup!

  18. Aaah TJB, I'd miss you terribly if you disappeared. Take a break, get some rest, do whatever you need to do but don't deny us, you loyal minions!!!!