Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joo Have the Power to Fight Mooscoolahr Deestrophee!

Charo, on the 2009 Jerry Lewis Telethon, singing Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music," with two overaged safety gays wearing sequined caftans. Thanks, Joe.


  1. TJB you fucking killed me with this post. Charo is so friggin hilarious. She's in a class all by herself and I do mean that she exists on a whole different level than us mere mortals and she has mastered the art of murdering the English language I swear that Rita Moreno must have based her characterization of "Googie Gomez" in THE RITZ on Charo.

    "Coochi Coochi bay-bay"

  2. I actually had the opportunity to see the legendary Charo when she appeared as a guest star in Pete & Keely, an off-Broadway revue about a fictional, Steve & Eydie-type duo. If you can get past the crazy hair, the wild getups, the Cuchi-Cuchi schtick, she's a talented musician and performer. And you gotta hand it to her for sheer longevity and tenacity. But MAN! This clip is just surreal, and a little sad.

  3. life just couldnt get any better...

  4. I seem to remember hearing on the radio about 25 years ago that she had just legally changed her age (as one legally changes a name), reducing it by 10 years!


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