Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking Stockwell

We should have known better - y'all know a pretty face when you come across one. (Ahem.) Our Mystery Guest was, of course, Dean Stockwell - the cute kid from The Boy with Green Hair (1948) who blossomed into a scrumptious young man. Stockwell's father had been the voice of Prince Charming in Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937); but although the junior Stockwell could easily have slid into the Prince Charming mold, he didn't take the expected path of teen idol frivolity and fan magazine puff pieces. Instead, perhaps in conscious defiance of his extraordinary good looks, he chose to play murderers (Compulsion, 1959) and statuatory rapists (Rapture, 1965). By the time of Psych-Out (1968), the angelic-faced Stockwell was all but a dim memory, replaced by an unsettlingly intense, idiosyncratic actor who reminds us of Joel Grey in Cabaret crossed with Dustin Hoffman as Ratso Rizzo.

The enigmatic brbette was not only the first to guess correctly, but the first to respond. In honor of young Dean's co-starring role in Kim (1950), we shall treat brbette to a complete makeover, which will inauthentically transform them into a vaguely "exotic" ethnicity of their choosing.

And speaking of the Stockwell did we ignore older brother Guy all this time?

Oh, brother, indeed.


  1. WOW !! I finally got one right... Dean also did a Gawd awful movie in 1970 with Sandra Dee called" The Dunwitch Horror" I cant believe there is going to be a remake of it.. By the way Guy is way much hotter.....

  2. How funny, I just posted a picture of Sandra Dee earlier this evening!

    Brbette is fabulous. And those Stockwell guys definitely had their moments of hotness!

  3. Love your blog! So much fun I spent a whole night browsing through the archives. If I remember correctly Dean Stockwell was married to Millie "Anne Frank" Perkins in the early '60s.

  4. brbette - I'll have to investigate that one. Speaking of Former Teen Idols On a Downward Career Trajectory Making Bad Exploitation Flicks, let's not forget Troy Donahue's Sweet Savior.

    Thombeau - "I just posted a picture of Sandra Dee earlier this evening!" We're delighted, if not exactly surprised!

    CarlosAlberto - Yay!!! Glad you are enjoying SSUWAT.

  5. TJB ,, It's because I love men who look like men ,, not men who look like boys..