Friday, September 4, 2009

The Price is Right

Even when the accessories are wonderfully wrong.


  1. My first thought before I scrolled down to "Even when the accessories are wonderfully wrong" was...

    That so-called pocket square and bow tie aren't going to get the TJB Seal of Approval.

    Not to mention the lapel flower and mixed patterns!

    Or the two-tone hair!

    You can stop me any time.

  2. Checks with stripes! TJB must be crawling the walls!

  3. Sometimes, mixing patterns pays off. For example, last night, TJB wore indigo-and-black printed silk trousers with a navy Swiss dot bow tie and a light blue gingham pocket square, and it all worked beautifully. What anchored the look was a plain white shirt and a simple, almost severely minimalist midnight blue blazer.

    It's a good thing TJB isn't even more of an egoist than he already is, otherwise you'd all be subjected to a "What TJB Wore Today"-style photo blog. Instead, we prefer to showcase MJ's puddin'.

  4. "What TJB Wore Today"...

    What a fab idea!

    Please make this a regular feature!

    @David: You just KNOW he wants us to beg for this.

  5. Jill: Does it include any recipes using CONDENSED MILK?

  6. Before Vince made it big he lived in St Louis and preformed many times in the Fox and Muny theaters.. He always looked dashing in no matter what suit he wore...

  7. Gee...all I wore today was a wife beater and boxers. Although in my defense the boxers did have a gingham pattern. :)