Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hump This

Gabriele Ferzetti would like to wish everyone a Happy Hump Day.

Grazie, Gabriele.


  1. Prego! What a wonderful way to get me in the mood for Italy

  2. ilduce - Take a number, bitch.

    David Toms - When do you leave, again?

  3. Sorry to contradict your scholarship TJB, but if these men are one in the same, then I am Shirley Temple.

  4. I loved you in That Hagen Girl!

    I'm no expert, mind you; my experience with photographs of Gabriele is strictly from Googling. But the eyes, the nose and the bone structure seem to be the same to my untrained eye...

    Whatever the case may be, a pretty face is a pretty face, so who cares once we're sitting down on it?


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