Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Favorite Fruit

Our favorite fruit, MC, was the first to correctly guess our last Mystery Guest: the relentlessly impersonated, yet thoroughly inimitable, Mae West. MC is already awash in prizes, but we'll allow Mae to toss his salad anyway:

And, for cwilson284, here's a bonus treat (courtesy of the fabulous Allure blog):

Thanks for playing, darlings!


  1. I love you, too darling, from the land where Helen Twelvetrees grow...up next, Vera Hruba Ralston!

  2. One of the few ex'es I had,, father had passed away and we found an autograph poto card of Helen Twelvetrees from the 1930's stuck between the pages of an old book.. That was almost 30 years ago ( I was a child bride ) I have the picture framed sitting on my entertainment center to this day...

  3. You sound bitter when you say I'm "already awash in prizes." I say one can not have too many prizes. Harrumph.

  4. Unbelievable. She was 80 something when she appeared in this picture


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