Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday in New York


  1. Wow! Never knew Bobby sang this. As always he does a great job. I have the original Peter Nero version from the film. Thanx 4 sharing!

  2. Bobby Darin really does justice to the song.
    He's really quite good.
    Don't you just love the "elaborate" production values?

  3. Love the Mary Tyler Moore-inspired flips!

  4. Love this song, as well as the Jane Fonda movie, "Sunday in New York"!

  5. darin was great.....though i am partial to shirley horn's version of this song.

  6. CarlosAlbertos - You added a profile pic! Now I think you should add another of you in your wifebeater and boxers.

    Toby Worthington - I think this was Darin at his prime: post-teen idol, pre-aging folkie. Re: the production values... the Hollywood Palace, this ain't.

    MJ - I must find out more about Jackie and Gayle, who seem to be the Kessler Twins for the mod set.

    ilduce - Oh, was she in that, too? Between Rod Taylor and Cliff Robertson, my attention was otherwise occupied...

    normadesmond - The Velvet Fog, Mel Torme, does a nice job on this one, too.

  7. they play this @ mets games, though i think i'm the only one there who sings along.

  8. Home Run.
    One of my favorite songs and Nobody does it better than Darin. Major loss his passing.
    The pace and tone of his voice equal the rythm of New York City.