Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strut, Pout, Put it Out...

The Bird with the (Baccarat) Crystal Plumage, Mr. Peacock, has graciously featured this humble blog and blogger on his stylish, entertaining, and informative site. From Stirred, Straight Up to Supermodel? We'd better work. And not quit our day job.

Thank you, Mr. Peacock!


  1. If anyone ever deserved praise and recognition for style it's both you and your fabulous blog. Both helped me get through many a day in my miserable humdrum existence.

  2. Then our work ain't been in vain for nuthin'!

    Seriously, sweetie, thank you -- and, judging by your workout photo, dear, anyone with a bod like that can't lead too much of a humdrum existence! Grrr!

  3. Thanks Babe!

    Oh how I needed you when I was cleaning out the old wardrobe. As soon as I am employed again I'll need to update and fill in some gaps. How much do you charge for personal style consultations?

  4. Oh, usually, I just take it out in trade. Whee!!!

  5. In stylish debonair trade, I'm sure....

  6. it don’t matter what you wear
    they’re checkin’ out your savior faire
    and it don’t matter what you do
    cause everything looks good on you

    wv: amani

  7. I read the interview before I wandered over here. What thoughtful, well phrased answers. Who's your publicist?

  8. Oh - you sweet, glamorous oasis of good taste! As the song says: "I reach for you like I'd reach for a star." (On the downside, I may never leave the house again in these dowdy rags.)

  9. Or perhaps that's
    Pout....Put Out....Strut.

    Either way, you're always fabulous!

  10. MJ -- Even horizontal stripes!

    Peenee -- Would you like to interview for the job? There's a comfy couch in my office!

    MC -- Thank you, sweet. But, really, I don't think I've ever been anybody's silent love! Hee!

    Jason -- Strut down the walk of shame back home?


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