Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Scott Met Liza

We're not sure which is harder to explain:

His suit?
Her boots?
How this photo op came to be?


  1. Sadly I owned a similar suit when I was dressing to hide my excess weight. Hopefully I did not look as bad or as wide as Scott does here.

    Happily both the suit and the weight are gone!

  2. As long as it wasn't an 8-button turquoise number from Int'l Male, all is forgiven, ilduce.

  3. Ye Gods! Give me some credit! What do you want me to do? Break out in a rash?

    I just caught a few fabulous seconds of "Make someone Happy" in your rotation. Who sang it? For some reason I can't find the listing.

  4. You're right, darling -- although, if it were circa 1992, there is a chance that you were wearing turquoise Y-front bikini underwear from IM. Right? Right?


    The Misty Miss June Christy is warbling "Make Someone Happy" on this playlist.

    Are you registered on imeem, ilduce? It's free to do so, and they -- annoyingly -- have recently restricted many files to 30 second snippets on embedded players such as this; but if you click on the direct link to the playlist, and are an imeem member, you can listen to most of the songs in full. (A few are still only listenable as 30 second clips because of copyrights, dammit.)


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