Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lethally Handsome

Call us crazy, but being the suckers for a pompadour and a pout that we are, we find Mr. Ray (one of Donna Lethal's hairhopping icons) kinda hot and humpy.

The monogrammed pocket hank we're not so crazy about; but we're sure we could reach an amicable agreement over, say, breakfast in bed.


  1. I just bet he *could* show you the Four Basic Pin Curls.

  2. I'm not sure what French lacing is, but it sounds sort of nasty. In a potentially good way.

  3. me thinks french lacing refers to hair pieces. as for the "futuramic" hair styles, if there are any that beg attention, do let me know. i'll be sure to try them out on my clientele! and yes, mr. ray, at least on the cover of "design secrets" is quite humpy.

  4. You just know he was the king of the Birmingham piano bars.


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