Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We'll Take Tallulah

Our latest Mystery Guest was the Alabama Foghorn herself, Miss Tallulah Bankhead. Just exactly why someone thought it would be a good idea to gussy a Prell Shampoo tube up in Tallulah drag is lost to the mists of time, but we're sure whatever the reason was, it was a dilly.

FlowerBell was the only one to guess correctly; she wins a custom made Tallulah Toupée, to be worn wherever needed. Whether this is a problem for hair, makeup or costuming is up to you, dahling!


  1. Wasn't prell a sponser of Tallulah's radio show? Hence the tube in drag as her?

  2. i'd have to look it up, but i don't think prell was a sponsor....what i do recall is that prell was sued by tallu, and she won. they had a jingle that used the name tallulah & ms. bankhead claimed that by using that name, prell was inferring HER endorsement of the product, which she hadn't given. her name was SO famous that using the name tallulah could only be TB, no one else.

  3. Caption for the Tallulah pic

    "Where is the cigarette that belongs between these two fingers darling?"

    Oh, and YEAH!!! I finally got one right!

  4. hey, FB, there is a butt between her fingers, look closely. tallu did absolutely NOTHING without a Craven A aglow.

  5. Upon closer inspection I do see the tiny little butt!
    Thanks norma.

  6. "there is a butt between her fingers, look closely."

    Patsy Kelly's butt?


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