Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1962: The Cute Factor

Well, the point has been raised that on SSUWAT its always 1962, so I am showing you what I was up too in 1962.

That's me - not in the dark sweater - I'm the baby that looks like an old man being held by my Aunt Evy. She of the fabulous hair do - Aunt Evy (who later showed up in Cleveland claiming that she had always been Aunt Lynn, never Aunt Evy) was from Miami Beach, and later Bel Air was a hoot. Her first husband (my Uncle Chet) was singer and a dancer and had appeared in first traveling company of Guys and Dolls. Her second husband was his my Uncle Lou, a man who married two of my father's sisters.

Anyway in 1962-3 I was being passed from person to person, family member to family member. Sometimes it was the father's people (the Jews) and sometimes it was my mother's people (the Methodists and hog farmers to boot). I grew up not knowing who's who and what's what. But I made it, and that bizarre upbringing has given me a unique perspective on life.

But just look at those bags under my eyes! Well, I was a colicky baby (that's turned into a colicky adult) and a night of good sleep was never mine to be had. So my mother poured this chalky stuff by the name of Petrogalor down my throat hoping it would put the kid out.

It didn't.

Not even Ambien works for me.

But then NBC did a wonderful thing! They put Jay Leno on at 10PM, and that works like a charm. Five minutes of Jay and I am buzz saw bound. But, I have these dreams of being chased by a man with a Hapsburg Jaw...

Anyway, I would love for each of you to clicky on the linky below and come visit Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights. The content is a bit eclectic, a bit like me. Really, do stop by and I've even take the plastic off the furniture - and I don't do that for just anyone.

And TJB, you are the best. This has been fun and I promise that in February, you can come play in my world and make it your own for a day, too! Hugs!

Sleep tight tonight!

Posted by Ask The Cool Cookie, host of Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights


  1. petrogalor down your throat? petrogalor? might it have anything to do with pussy galore & what she might have pissed into a cup?

  2. What a wonderful day Cool Cookie!


  3. I remember the days when I was passed from person to person.

    Many years later, of course, the lighting was of a darker shade and the cookies they served were of a completely different kind.

    Still my botty was as round as two ripe peaches.

  4. I choked on the "Hapsburg"reference....too funny..


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