Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Kick It Off, Shall We?

Now let's begin by setting the record straight. Don't ever let it be said that I don't know my New York City. Not only did I happen to live in New York City, but it just happened to be in the year of our focus, 1962!

Okay, so it was actually Governor's Island, but we did have a lovely view.

Oh alright, it was only for the first half of the year, for on my third birthday, June 30, 1962, we moved to a lovely shocking pink stucco bungalow in Jackson Township, NJ. (Now the proud home of Great Adventure theme park)

However on that very day, Mrs. Kennedy was seen all dressed up to celebrate the fact that I was moving 45 miles closer to the White House.

June 30, 1962

Never mind that she was actually in Mexico City for some silly reception that day.

The point here is that New York and I go way back.

Stay tuned....

Posted by FELIX!


  1. There is simply no way that you could be three in 1962. You must have had a mis-type. You meant 1972, no make that 1982. You really should fix that mistake dear.

  2. Flatterer! Hey shouldn't you be packing your valise?

  3. You'd have been a lovely playmate for John John.


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