Friday, January 29, 2010

Helpful Hint

Step 1: Before you leave for your big Friday evening out, make sure everything about your appearance is absolutely flawless.

Step 2: Make your entrance again, with your usual flair.

Step 3: Watch everyone else choke with envy.

Here's to the start of a glamorous weekend, darlings!


  1. even the carbon dioxide that lana exhaled was hard and glittery.

  2. I shall take all this into consideration as I prepare for my evening out with HH tonight xx

  3. I am living for the second picture. In fact, I just ordered 30 yards of silver lame to lay over my grand staircase, just the finishing touch for which I had been searching.

  4. Amazing how she got Eric Root to do her hair to match the sable... Jx

  5. Peenee (bottom photo in white fur) looks like he hasn't got over that hump yet.


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