Monday, January 4, 2010

She WORKS!!!

Our year, 1962 also contained the loss of Marilyn Monroe. A Hollywood latchkey kid who became a Sex Goddess, and who wrested some sanity by making a move to New York to study an art that in many ways, she could have been teaching.

The amazing thing about Monroe for me is that, in her work and in her public persona, she seemed able to play both flighty sex sprite and grounded earth mother simultaneously.

I've discovered a beautiful clip that was assembled from many shots of the famous Bert Stern fashion shoot that was done for Vogue just weeks before her death. Unfortunately, embedding of it is prohibited. So I'm going to include the link to it and hope you'll venture over. It's less than two minutes long and you'll be glad you did.

***WARNING*** There is jewelry biting involved!

Click here to see it

What you will see is that she is also an accomplished model who knew, not only her body, but also how to work and sell a garment!

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  1. don't know if this is your last post of the day (i thought i'd save my comment until the finale). i'll presume it is and say that your concept and its execution was brilliant. but that's why you were chosen, tjb knew exactly what he was doing. bravo.

    now, i'm gonna go throw up.

  2. You know you can never keep a good gal down, there is one more post before nighty-night.

    You are a doll, and I can't wait to see what you and ATCC come up with. I'm throwing up already.

    Break a leg honey.

  3. wow...she was amazingly (?) a great model too.

  4. Oh she’s good, I’ll give her credit but she doesn’t rock a fur coat the way Kabuki Zero does.


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