Sunday, January 31, 2010

Say What?

Congratulations, Carol Channing! You're not dead yet!

"Are you shhh-ure?"

Well, Miss Channing, if you can survive Skidoo, you're probably damn near indestructible.


We couldn't have said it better ourselves.
So, besides getting down and funky, what will you do to celebrate?

"Oh! Well, firssshht, I'm going to pick out hatshh with my dear friend, Halshhton!"

"Then, I'm going to take a roll with that marveloush Shteeve Reevesh!
He looksh sho darling in his shandalsh!"

"Then I'll trade shome fashion tipsh with my fansh! The gaysh are sho good at that!"

We think that's just swell, Miss Channing. Anything else you'd like to say?


January 31, 1921


  1. Her hair and makeup gay from photo 2 should be banned from the industry for life. Or at least taught how to use spirit gum correctly. And what's with that color on the nose?

  2. God love her!

    And fantastic dental work as well!

  3. Goodnesh!
    Happy birthday to her....but I do say, it's a bit much to see this early in the morning.

  4. A reminder, and a welcome one, that for a little while longer, at least, some great ones still walk among us...

  5. I saw her in SF about 7 years ago
    A one woman show kind of affair
    I went thinking she would be some kind of camp joke but she was really great and put on a very entertaining show

  6. She is such a freak of nature. LOVE HER!


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