Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Knock-The Night-Clock-Peppermint

If you were successful in deciphering the odd title, than you already know that the subject of this entry is the song(s) and the dance craze that absolutely consumed America and England in 1962: The Twist. The year end top 100 singles list in Cashbox shows The Twist at the number one position and what's more, there are a total of eight songs on that list with the word 'twist' in the title! And so far as Billboard magazine is concerned, The Twist is the only single in history to reach the number one spot in two separate runs (1960 & 1962)!

Ernest Evans was born in South Carolina and raised in South Philly. Having an innate talent for impersonation, he turned an otherwise boring job at a local butcher shop into fun by doing imitations of pop starts for the customers. During his first recording session, it was Dick Clark's wife who gave him the stage name, Chubby Checker; a humorous take on 'Fats Domino' whom Evans had just been imitating.

To add to it's impressive list of credits, music historians claim that The Twist was the dance to bring adults onto the floor to dance to teenage music, thus bridging a generation gap. To a degree. For a short time.

So put on your 'slippy shoes' and let's Twist, times three!

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