Saturday, January 9, 2010

And So We're Back From Outer Space...

...and not a moment too soon! The flight was murder, although we did have a faboo traveling outfit, n'est-ce pas? We hurried back - FelixInHollywood, askthecoolcookie and normadesmond, as much as we love the darlings, have a tendency to run up the phone bill with late night calls to 1-800-Manmate, empty out our good liquor, and utterly exhaust the houseboys. Paolo and Sven are patient souls, but wouldn't your patience be taxed by normadesmond ringing the buzzer at two in the morning, every morning, demanding to be bathed in asses' milk? And poor Paolo's English isn't the best, so the sweet thing thought - well, let's just say that he tried.

While TJB's away, Felix, Cookie and Norma will play!

Confidentially, we'll have to have the entire place redecorated - we're sure that the old dear meant well, but normadesmond's "taste" in artwork doesn't entirely mesh with our decor; although we'll probably have to dig the damn thing out of the closet every time the bitch comes to visit.

He IS big: normadesmond adds his inimitable stamp to our humble abode.

We're also going to have a word with askthecoolcookie about surreptiously using the car to cruise the train depots. And, waaaait a minute... that bitch stole our headscarf, too!

He can do a few tricks, some old and then some new tricks: askthecoolcookie is very versatile.

Still, when all is said and done, they kept this place running like clockwork - which is no mean feat, considering that they were basically running on cylcamate and dolls, judging by the pile of empty Tab bottles outside of FelixInHollywood's guest bedroom. Not to mention the pile of houseboys.

After rummaging through our jewelry box, FelixInHollywood helps himself to a drinkie.

And, so, we bid a fond adieu to our Guest Editors; since we're still emptying out ashtrays, throwing out empty vodka bottles, and reviving houseboys, we asked Thombeau to escort our trio out. So long, girls! Thanks for everything. We'll send you the doctor's bill for the houseboys shots.

FelixInHollywood, askthecoolcookie, normadesmond and Thombeau: girls about town, and on the lam.

* Of course, we jest! We're thrilled that FelixInHollywood, askthecoolcookie and normadesmond not only agreed to be our guests, but also did such a fabulous job of it! We hope that this inspires you to visit their blogs daily, as well - after you visit Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist, of course. Thank you, boys!


  1. Now you see, this post alone shows why you are TJB The Magnificent, and no one else is.

    By the way darling, I don't quite know how to say this but Paolo, Sven, Colt, Brock and I didn't use the 'guest' bedroom! Ooopps.

  2. Next stop: a sleepover at Frenchy's!

  3. well, i never!

    I'M the one who has guests over and shoots them in the back as they leave....max, MAX!

  4. Welcome home, Hot Toddy. Love the new post. We were enchanted by your guest lecturers but are delighted to have you back.

  5. Felix - Oh, darling. How can I ever live up to that title???

    Thombeau - Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee!

    normadesmond - If the lady's paying, I'll take the vicuna!

    MJ - Our good silver, a pair of Sven's underwear, and a half-drunk bottle of Pinch.

    An Open Book - You're a sweetheart!

  6. damn,i want those earrings in that TAB ad.. so HOT!!


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