Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three's Company

Funnily enough, we're nice kids who are tempted by easy money and trapped by our own glamour - and often swept off our feet in back alleys.


  1. Phyllis sat on the sofa turning nervously page after page of her 'Book on Men' - already at its third edition - but she found no chapter that fitted her man.

    What was she to do? Doug had just announced that he would spend yet another weekend fishing with Rob. Didn't they see enough of each other every evening at the gym?

    Perhaps - Phyllis thought with a glimpse of hopefulness while looking at herself in the mirror - I could do something new with my hair.

  2. Ann was no good and everyone in town knew it by the way she brandished her lit cigarette from her lips.

    The ladies at First Presbyterian Church thought it looked trashy.

    The women that attended the second Presbyterian Church felt it uncouth, but secretly longed to find out what shade of lipstick she was wearing.

    And then there were those broads that attended the Third Presbyeterian Church was would judge her from one side of their faces while trying to secretly curry her face out the other sides of the faces.

    And the bitches who attended Fourth Presbyterian Church on the wrong side of the tracks? Hardened by the school of Hard Knocks and wearing discount store reduced for quick sale underwear,these were "ladies" who worked the town canteen for .05 dances and some "one on one" in the backseat of any unlocked car parked on the street decided that it lent an air of sophistication and "real class" to Ann's "modus operandi" - whoever Ann was operandi'ing on that week.

  3. "trapped by her own glamour"

    now THAT is a great title for a blog.

  4. Felix, askthecoolcookie and Normadesmond again?

  5. Monsieur Fellini - Perhaps she could coif it into the shape of a cock. Then Doug would notice.

    askthecoolcookie - Would it have been an unlocked 1950's Chrysler in the park?

    normadesmond - You're right, dammit. Too late to change it now!

    MJ - You'll have to guess which bitch is which.

  6. I was indeed trapped by my own glamour once. Gee, never thought I'd get out of that one.

  7. I love the character names in this film: Pat Neal is Phyllis Horn; Parker is Susan Chase; and Ruth Roman is Ann Lawrence. Shouldnt' that just be Lawrence? Or Larry?

    It also stars Leif Erickson! Where can I find it?