Friday, January 22, 2010


Tonight, why not just relax with the girls?


  1. Did no one teach these lads that one crosses his legs at the ankles when wearing kimono?

    I bet that they are going to play Mah Jong! Real mah jong - not that silly match'm up game. The Fifth must be the Mah Jong Director who scores each hand, rules on questionable chow's and reminds the pouty player that in fact the lad seated in the West Wind can rob a Kong to go out and gets a double for his trouble.

    BTW, I call dibs on the cutie seat front row and center.

  2. Why certainly!

    I'd love to spend the evening with you, Thom, Felix, Normadesmond and Jason...

    provided you can spare an extra pair of Tabi socks.

  3. The guy on the right, first row, must be French: black socks (the other two have white)!

  4. I'd love to hang with the girls, but my banjo is in the shop.


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