Sunday, January 3, 2010

Be Our Guest

We're pleased to finally announce our award-winning Guest Panelists for this week!

On Monday, we will be visited by that delightful, cultured, witty star of stage and screen, Tony Randall - or, our very own delightful, cultured, witty FelixInHollywood of, naturally, Felix In Hollywood.

On Wednesday, we are thrilled to welcome that effervescent leading lady of Broadway, Miss Phyllis Newman - aka the effervescent askthecoolcookie of Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights and Periodically Anachronistic.

Finally, on Friday, we are graced by the erudite, pear-toned presence of Martin Gabel, better known to SSUWAT readers as the erudite normadesmond, late of The File on Esther Zidel and, more recently, mitten drinnen.

We're so very excited to have this fabulous trio joining us this week! We're sure whatever they have in store for us, it'll be a lulu.


  1. if i'm in make-up and johnny ray saunters in, god dammit there'll be hell to pay!

  2. I'm so excited I just wet myself!

  3. i wasn't going to say anything, but "the pear-toned presence of martin gabel!" have you seen a photo of me? did you mean "pear-shaped"?


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