Monday, January 4, 2010

I Am Speaking To You From Inside The Blog Of TJB

Wow, was that an echo? Oh my God, it's so big in here. Much bigger than my blog. And the decor! You can't imaging the luxury. I must be on something like the 25th floor and the view is spectacular. Why, I can see all the way over to Pier 48. GOOD HEAVENS! What are those men doing over there!!! Guess I'd better back away from the window and introduce myself.

My name is Felix and I'm here to sort of keep an eye on things today. TJB had to step out for a fitting. Then he's having luncheon at La Grenouille, followed by a hair appointment at Mr. Kenneth's, cocktails at 21, and then he said something about going to his downtown men's club for an extended poolside business meeting with his "Artist's Representative".

There is much I hope to accomplish with you today. Firstly, I want to honor TJB's beloved Manhattan, while secondly, bringing something of my Hollywood perspective and lastly, I wish to aim this all at his proscribed 1962 era of choice.

Let's see, I--Oh dear, the boy is just bringing in refreshments and I do so need them after my long journey. I'll just bend him over sort through some notes and be back with you shortly........


  1. Goodness...I'm here just in time.
    I wasn't quite sure Monsieur LePouf would finish with my hair in time.

    I'll have a Mai Tai, please.

  2. You're in Manhattan?

    I'll "start spreadin' the news".


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