Friday, January 8, 2010

Since I'm treading on sacred fashion ground..... occurred to me to dig out some of my old After Darks.

From October 1970 with Sylvia Miles looking far better than any of us ever imagined she could.

This is Gilbert Feruch, a clothing designer who has gone to his greater reward, but has left us with some very nice photos of some very groovy clothes.

I'm mad for that asymmetrical vest...actually, mad for all of it. What's great is that it's definitely Sixties, but has just a slight touch of what's to come, which we all know wasn't always that great. Though I had an intimate relationship with a cape back then, the years have shown me that the cape is simply....quelle horreur.

Oh, this article says that Feruch was responsible for the Nehru jacket, to which I say, [eyebrows raised] pardon me.

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  1. Let's hope that 'Feruch' was a typo and they meant to say "Nehru was responsible for the Nehru jacket".

    Either way, kicky threads.

    And a brilliant and informative day, Miss Desmond!

  2. well, Feruch me with a nehru jacket!

    Is it wrong to like that plaid capelet? don't answer.


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