Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Sunshine Day!

Happy Friday, darlings! We'll be back with more fabulosity after the weekend, including a long-delayed new Weekly Feature, which we should really retitle the "Whenever We Can Kick Our Procrastinating Arses Into Gear Feature." Until then, remember - make it a Doris day, every day!


  1. Rock, Rock, they're not pearls, they're anal least that what I was told! But maybe you've graduated already.

  2. My role model!
    I know I hope to be coyly romancing hunky gay men through midcentury Manhattan in my middle age...behind a vaselined lens of course.

  3. there was a lovely piece in last week's sunday times about why doris should receive an honorary oscar.

  4. I was hoping to see a portrait of a bare chested Rod Taylor a few days back on his birthday when they were showing his and Doris’ movie Glass Bottom Boat on TCM.

    I’ll settle for a sunshine Doris day though any day.

    I’ve been dressing in my tight fitting sixties wardrobe for the past few days in honor of Rod Taylor. Slate blue cashmere sweaters and butter cream point collar shirts with pegged grey slacks etc.