Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do You Believe in Magic?

We'd like to thank askthecoolcookie for supplying us with a little Cookie Magic! Tail fins, hairhoppers, pulp rags - he certainly knows how to push all of our buttons! Stay tuned for the last of our Guest Editors tomorrow, the faboo normadesmond, who is undoubtedly getting ready for his closeup at this very minute.


  1. yes indeedy! and hydrox were always better than oreos.

  2. Norma speaks only the truth. Hydrox rule, although Newman-O's (paul newman's entry) are a damn fine second place. I just had 3 of them (my limit). kabuki zero

  3. kz....i meant to buy trader joe's sandwich cookies with peppermint creme in the middle. i was told they only sell them at xmas. they are good.


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