Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fifty Two Years Ago Today...



With such a gene pool, it's not surprising that birthday boy Lorenzo Lamas turned out to be delectably humpalicious in his youth. Admittedly, though, the aroma of cheese always lingered about his persona and career and, unfortunately, he's aged less like a stately Stilton and more like a runny Limburger. Still, he was a peppery Jack in his prime, and we still think that Olivia Newton-John should have at least given him a roll in the backseat before settling for even cheesier John Travolta in Grease.

January 20, 1958


  1. LOL...Blonde moment...I must have been momentarily stunned into stupidity by Lorenzo's bulge.

  2. cheesy or not, he can sit on the crackers in my bed anytime.

  3. in 1979 Lorenzo lamas appeared in Afterdark magazine. He was so erotic...I have never seen that fold out photo again.

    1. In searching for the photo you were talking about I only found it here but no where else. It seems to be the same photoshoot as the one posted above.

  4. Lorenzo's Oil pipe looks well anchored!


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